YtoTech is a group of hacker-minded persons.

We work(ed) together on open-source software, or some paid gigs.


We're loosely composed of:

  • Grégoire Martinache
  • Alexis Schad
  • Yoan Tournade
But also: Soukaina, Valentin, and several others.

Consulting / freelancing

You can contact us (see below) for software and business development consulting & freelancing work propositions.

See more on:


We can be mailed at

Yoan sometimes answers his phone on (+33)7 81 32 88 19.

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Things we like

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

We - as a group, and maybe a sect - have our symbolic initiation rituals, one of which consist in (trying to) read)ing( the SICP bible. That's really a great book to (re)-learn programming.

For the record, and the last time we checked, our most studious member has gone so far as 18 % of the book - which is page 117. It is thus said than no one of us is really full-member, but that we all are apprentices.

Radiation Watch Pocker Geiger

A little and cheap photodiode radiation sensor, for which we contributed some drivers and tools. We think a network of (many) connected low-cost sensors can help gain some insights on radiation propagation in cities and other spaces.

Head on our blog for an article on the sensor, how to use it and the tests we've done so far.


We often see robotic challenges and beer together. This group of robotic enthusiasts and engineers can be said to be more serious and ambitious - also creating for sure no less impressive robots: autonomous machines for Champagne and vineyards cultivation.

After their first caterpillar prototype, they are working on creating a fully autonomous robot, from top to bottom.


A parisian company that create custom and fresh cosmetics. The creams are actually produced right after the order is passed. Other implication: you get the full benefit of the plant actives, without preservatives. Simple and effective.

We (have) work(ed) on some of Laboté infrastructure and we're as partial as someone could be. Anyway you're invited to do your skin assessment to see what Laboté has for you.

YtoTech armoiries
“I believe a man is a professional when he can do what needs to be done no matter how he feels within. An amateur is an amateur in his attitude emotionally. A professional is a professional in the way he thinks and feels and in his ability to execute under the most trying conditions. The ability to do what needs to be done regardless of the pressure and do it with poise, with no reflection of his inner feeling or conflict if it exists, is what makes a professional. It has nothing to do with their knowledge. I’ll show you many amateurs with far superior knowledge and ability than top professionals.”
Cus D'Amato